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The Top 8 Holiday Decor Trends in 2021

Wondering what this year's latest holiday home decor trends might be? We've got you covered with the top trends plus money-saving tips!

The Top 8 Holiday Decor Trends in 2021

Are you ready to deck the halls? Decorating for the holidays always gets us in the festive spirit. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite holiday decor trends and money-saving tips.

Prep for the Holidays With These Decor Trends

1. You need a bar cart

Want to wow your guests with style? Bar carts are the perfect way to make serving mobile (and make a dramatic entrance). Arrange glasses, drink-mixing supplies, and some holiday-themed decorations on your bar cart, then wheel it to the dining room, living room, or games room — wherever it is you need to serve thirsty guests!

2. Keep the table setting simple

Some years, table setting trends focus on glitzy, glamorous, or large and showy decorations. This year, minimalism is big across the board, including the dinner table. There are lots of ways to do it. Focus on winter greenery and candlesticks, or lay out a pretty table runner along with a few of your favorite ornaments.

3. A blue Christmas?

To make a big statement this year, go beyond the traditional reds and greens. Navy blue is the on-point color for the 2021 holidays. Bring it into your home through tree ornaments, in wreaths, on your table runner, dinnerware, or glassware. To make it pop, pair your navies with silver or gold accents.

4. Artificial snow makes a comeback

Artificial snow is a beautiful way to make colorful ornaments pop on your tree. Look for trees flocked with snow to get this look. Or, pick up bagged artificial snow to scatter on the tree skirt or among the greens on your dining table centerpiece.

5. Coziness is key

So this trend isn't necessarily holiday-themed, but it's a big part of holiday decorating this year nonetheless. The idea is to spruce things up with comfort and luxury. We're thinking faux fur rugs and thick, fluffy throws. You'll want to keep these around after Christmas and into the 2022 cold months. But more importantly, they'll make your living space feel so incredibly warm and inviting for you and your guests.

6. Garlands galore!

Over the mantle and along your staircase banister are the traditional places to hang garlands indoors. This year, though, greenery is trending—and that means people are looking for ways to put up more garlands. Hang them around doorways, or line the upper corners of your living room. Decorate windows, and for a little extra holiday spirit, you can even put them over beds (mistletoe garland, anyone?).

7. Lots of lights

String lights have become so popular that we're now using them year-round. Come holiday time, go all out! Shop for string lights that come in unique shapes, or pick the colors you like best. You can use them to hang around windows, bundle them up to create bright, beautiful centerpieces, or create curtains to deck your walls.

8. Bring botanicals indoors

Naturalism is another big interior design trend this year, and you'll see it carry over into holiday decorations, too. We covered garlands, but there are lots of other ways to get that green look. Christmas cacti, poinsettias, and houseplants in holiday colors, like red orchids, will work. You can also add to the natural look with artificial elements, like green candles or pinecone centerpieces.

Tips for Saving Money on Holiday Decor

1. Don't skip the thrift shops!

Secondhand shops are a must-hit destination this year. They're packed with all kinds of holiday decorations, which means you could save big on gently used serving dishes to lights and ornaments.

2. Faux greenery is your friend

Buying flowers, mistletoe, and pine boughs can get costly, especially since natural greenery can fade before the holidays are over. Today's artificial greenery is incredibly realistic and beautiful. Get some, so you don't have to make multiple trips to the florist!

3. Stick with LED lights

This year, lots of lighting is a big trend, but that's no reason to drive your electricity bills to the North Pole. LED light strings are much more efficient than other types, saving you a lot of green.

4. Time your live greenery purchases carefully

For live plants and flowers, shop during the week when it's less busy. Tree sellers and florists need to keep their selection fresh. With less traffic during the week, you'll often find discounts on pine boughs and other holiday foliage and florals that go for more on the weekends.

5. Do a little winter foraging

If you have a big backyard or a wilderness area nearby, why not find some of your decor outside? Pine cones, pussy willow, holly berries, nut hulls, and dried leaves are all things you can harvest outdoors to create decorations inside. If you're feeling crafty, you can even paint these finds pretty whites or metallics. Or glue them to wreaths and sprinkle them throughout a dinner table.

6. You can totally skimp on the tree!

Dreaming of that rafter-high fir? New artificial trees can be pretty costly, especially the larger ones. Try scoping out floor models. Retailers are sometimes ready to start clearing out their stock in the latter half of the season, even before the holidays hit. Or go for a more affordable option that's not pre-lit. While some of the less expensive artificial trees aren't as full, you can always fill the gaps with all those pretty pinecones and garlands.

Ready to Save This Holiday Season?

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