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SaveHealth & Wellness Holiday Health & Wellness Survival Guide

Holiday Health & Wellness Survival Guide

Time to ignite that festive cheer! Keep your head, heart, and health a priority this holiday season with these holistic wellness tips. You deserve to feel good.

Holiday Health & Wellness Survival Guide

With the jolly holiday season upon us, it's tempting to let loose and relax the rules a little. Yes, it's fun to indulge, but staying mentally and physically fit sets us up to start the new year with a happy heart, mind, and extra motivation. No worries, we'd never suggest you pass up your holiday favorites! You can celebrate while still feeling great. Keep smiles on your face and joy in your heart this festive season by embracing these holiday health and wellness tips. You deserve to feel good!

Eight tips for health and wellness during the holidays

Here's what you can do leading up to, during, and after the holidays to stay holistically well.

1. Plan wholesome meals for busy days

Before the holiday hustle hits, plan some nutritious meals ahead. Not only will your family enjoy a healthy homecooked meal, but you'll also save money on last-minute takeout. Here are some great ideas to make sure that you and your family get all the goodness in a limited time:

  • Pre-cook and freeze hearty stews or vegetable soups. When you've had a busy weekend full of party food and carbohydrates, your body will often crave a healthy portion of vegetables. A quick freezer meal is worth the effort.
  • Subscribe to a meal plan. Instead of spending money on takeout, subscribe for a weekly or monthly meal subscription service that delivers pre-made meals or pre-portioned ingredients and recipes. These services save you the trouble of shopping and planning when you're exhausted from a day of gift shopping.
  • Stock up on fruit and frozen berries. Frozen fruit makes delicious smoothies for a quick breakfast when you need to rush out of the house, travel mug in hand. Throw some in the blender with low-fat greek yogurt and you've got a 5-minute meal. 

2. Stay active

Exercise is immune-boosting and stress-relieving, two things that are very important during action-packed holidays (and cold/flu season). 

Skipping a gym session won't get your name on the naughty list. But consistency is key to long-term health. If you're not feeling the treadmill, prioritize a brisk walk in the park or a 30-minute jog. If possible, do it first thing so it's done before your day runs away.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day for most healthy adults. Why not join an online exercise challenge for the month, or buy a skipping rope for a cheap and quick workout you can do at home? Recruit a family member to join you and keep each other motivated. 

3. Get your flu shot

Flu vaccines are by far the best way to avoid a serious case of influenza. Last year we kept social gatherings to a minimum due to COVID-19, so experts warn against lowered carry-over immunity for flu this year. The good news is, if you take your precautions, get your jab, wear your mask and continue to sanitize, you can protect yourself and your family from unwelcome extra germs.

4. Be picky about parties

It's okay to say no! It's awesome to be social and helpful, but downtime has its benefits, too. This year, try saying yes with careful consideration. In other words, commit to parties that you truly want to attend and gracefully bow out of those you don't.

5. Take mindfulness days

Grownups need mental health days, too! For all those events that you turn down, plan some much-needed me-time. Journal, read a book in bed, have a spa day, or take some time to meditate. It's okay to put that to-do list aside for one day. For your mindfulness days, make it a priority to recharge and do something that will boost your mental wellbeing.

6. Get enough sleep

We love wrapping gifts, baking until midnight, and setting up decorations for a festive and happy home. To fuel your holiday spirit, make sure you get your eight hours of sleep every night. Rest keeps stress at bay, helps us stay healthy, and replenishes our bodies for another day. 

7. Choose your drinks wisely

If you're enjoying cocktails or sugary drinks, make sure you have a water round! Aside from keeping you hydrated, water helps with digestion, flushing out toxins from alcohol and heavy foods. When your body confuses thirst for hunger, rather than reaching for another tasty treat, drink some water and then reevaluate your desire for those yummy holiday leftovers. 

8. Stay intimate

Are you blushing yet? That's a good thing! Physical intimacy can boost your mood and immune system, relieve anxiety, and even remove that pesky headache (who knew?). Have some fun with your partner this holiday with cute holiday-themed PJs, flirty card games, or some strategically placed mistletoe. And yes, sex counts as exercise! That's two things checked off your health and wellness list.

Healthy habits and happy holidays

Savor the special moments this holiday! Among the cozy hustle and bustle of food prep, gift wrapping, and party hopping, give yourself the gift of time to relax, exercise, laugh and clear your head. Most importantly, stay flexible. You might need to shuffle up your wellness routine to fit it in, but that's part of the fun! 

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