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Unique Ideas for Date Night at Home

Want a date night, but prefer to stay home? We’ve got you covered! These date night at home ideas are a blend of fun and romantic!

Unique Ideas for Date Night at Home

If you and your partner have been together at home for a while, it's the perfect time to shake things up. You're in luck!  We’ve got five fun stay-at-home date ideas to put some spice back in your romantic life.

1. Have a cooking contest!

Why just make dinner when you could make dinner competitively? This is one of the more unique date night ideas—and a fun challenge that will have you and your partner smiling the whole way through. For this idea, you’ll need to choose a focus for the contest. It could be a course, like a dessert, or a particular ingredient. How many dishes can you make with parsnips? You can also choose themes, like Tex-Mex or Asian fusion. Whatever you settle on, make a night of it—and enjoy sampling everything both of you have made!

2. Spend time reminiscing

These days, most of us have phones packed full of photos. But despite all those thousands of images, how often do we really spend scrolling back through them? Snuggle up with your partner and spend date night at home taking a trip down your digital memory lanes. 

Or, take it a step further!! Pick a few favorites to print out, and then when date night rolls around again, you and your partner can spend time framing them, creating a scrapbook, or building a photo album.

3. Build a blanket fort

It's not just for kids, we promise, it’s so much fun! Grab your blankets, as many pillows as you can, and build the blanket fort of your dreams. Bring along a flashlight to make shadow puppets, watch a movie on a laptop, or tell spooky stories if you want. Ultimately, snuggling up in all that coziness could turn into one of the most romantic experiences in recent memory!

4. Cut a rug in the living room

Dancing is one of the most romantic activities you can do on date night. But at home, dressy clothes and dancing shoes are optional. Jam in your jammies, if you want! Move the coffee table, dim the lights, and light some candles. From there, you can pick a theme if you want. Get the mood just right with a few favorite romantic songs, teach yourselves to salsa dance, or get nostalgic with an old favorite college playlist. What a wonderful way to bond and reconnect!

5. Game night!

Playing games, whether it’s cards, board games, puzzles, or video games, is a perfect way to get the interaction going with a little healthy competition. If you want to feel like you're in Vegas without the travel and crowds, turn your house into a casino with cocktails, cards, and poker chips. Or get the laughter flowing with a fun game of charades or Twister.  Bonus points if it’s something you haven’t played in a while — feel free to ramp up the fun with your own special house rules!